We are an Online Jewelry Club that connects the Value of a Jewel further than its price taking you to discover the beauty of this ART beyond Consumption, understanding it as timeless art, full of tradition, meaning and inspiration.

In Ines Arenas we “Defend the Authority of the Designer”, being that how we distinguish and difference ourselves far apart from others.

Be part of our club and we reveal to you all the magical essence that surrounds a piece, by bringing all the knowledge, history and culture around jewelry; and maybe in the future you´ll start your jewelry collection with us.


In our club you will find very valuable information on topics related to jewelry, such as investment, security, care, birthstones, etc.

One to one access to a certified jewelry appraiser

Mose will guide you into the fantastic World of Jewelry. As our Jewelry Appraiser she has the knowledge and expertise to answer your questions.

Video courses with Variety of Jewelry Topics

In our videos you will find very valuable information explained in an easy, simple and above all entertaining way.

Curated Articles / A Moment in a Jewel & A Living Jewels Videos

Curated articles and videos specialized in Jewelry Pieces, Jewelry Designers, Engagement Rings, Watches, and comparisons between jewelry and other arts; among others.


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